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About Us

Building intelligent marketing capabilities to deliver marketing qualified leads.

Partnering with Roots to Market gives you access to a whole world of marketing possibilities.

We love meeting new people and learning about different industries, companies, and business ideas. But what makes us really tick, is understanding your objectives, and working with you to create outstanding activity that delivers results on your investment.

Roots to Market was born from the success of its sister company Air Marketing Group. Air, specialising in telemarketing, grew exponentially from its launch in 2016. With an ever-growing client base, the question of other marketing services cropped up more and more often – sensing a fantastic opportunity to help these clients further – Roots to Market was conceived.

Both Roots to Market and Air are now in a fantastic position to utilise the skills from each company to help you with your full marketing and sales demand creation process. Warming leads and prospects with carefully commercially designed marketing activity and then communicating with them directly via telemarketing, can successfully deliver a sustained pipeline of qualified hot leads.

What we believe

  1. Ideas should always be heard and considered before being dismissed
  2. Consistency should never be dull
  3. Marketing and sales should hold hands
  4. A well-made plan will always give you direction, even if it’s not followed
  5. Never under estimate the power of results and data

Services include:

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