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Air Marketing Group

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Our sister company, Air Marketing Group, are a professional outsourced business development agency, providing B2B sales and telemarketing services across the UK. This is a very competitive industry with some big players who have been established for a long time. This reason is exactly why the right mixture of marketing is so important for Air, marketing to the right people, with the right message, on the right channels. Air believed that by having the right marketing in place, they could demonstrate that although they are a younger company in the market, having only launched in 2016, the services they offer alongside their innovation, technology and approach make them a great competitive choice when looking to engage with a business development agency.


The Roots to Market team worked with our sister company Air to define a 12-month marketing plan. This marketing plan, combined brand building activity, tactical campaigns to drive enquiries and awareness, deliver return on investment and nurture those considering using Air’s services.

Roots to Market have also worked with Air on many projects such as:

  • Streamlining their enquiries and sales process to give a more consistent and enhanced experience for all involved
  • Supporting their marketing to be GDPR compliant
  • Nominations for awards, resulting in being names the most outstanding business in Exeter
  • Assisting with the drafting of high value tenders and proposal


As sister companies, Roots to Market and Air work extremely closely together. Working with the team at Roots to Market has allowed Air to document a clearer process for marketing, making it easier to measure and report upon, work out ROI on marketing spend and adapt plans depending on results and engagement.  This focus saw Air grow 346% in their second year in business, with the help of Roots to Market and their growth is forecasted to continue at a rapid rate.

"Getting the right mix of marketing has been key to our success. Rather than a scattergun approach, we've been able to put logic and science behind our marketing strategy, which has given us the intelligence we needed to make the right decisions about where to put budget.
Roots to Market have consistently educated us, guided us and given us the tools we needed to continually improve our success rates."
Quote from Owen Richards, MD of Air Marketing Group