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Niche Jobs were looking to begin a telemarketing campaign with Roots to Market’s sister company, Air Marketing Group. They wanted to increase the amount of opportunities in their pipeline by talking to NHS trusts and care homes in the hope of assisting with their recruitment needs. Niche wanted to highlight the fact that they are different from other recruitment boards, they are a community of healthcare professionals and whilst they do help people find roles within the sector, they also share insights, stories and hints and tips – all of which aims to draw people into working in the sector. In order to support this, they felt that they needed more than the one touchpoint within their campaign and were considering what else could be done.


Niche Jobs approached Roots to Market, seeking assistance and guidance on this matter. Having already established their target audience, Roots proposed that Niche Jobs implement a pre-call drip email campaign and a warm lead nurture email campaign which would support the calls made by the team at Air. These emails would highlight the community aspect of Niche Jobs, pointing potential clients in the direction of 4 of their websites and online forums.

In order to implement these campaigns, Roots:

  • Held in-depth discussions with the MD of Niche Jobs to establish exactly how they wanted to present themselves to the NHS trusts and Care Homes they were contacting.
  • Researched the current climate within the health sector in order to detail exactly how Niche Jobs could help solve the pain points of their target audience.
  • Wrote the copy for 12 separate emails, each with different content, media and research dependant on the sector.
  • Completed detailed reporting of the outcomes of the email campaigns.


Niche Jobs are really happy with the email campaigns created and ran by Roots. These email campaigns were exactly what Niche Jobs were looking for when considering an additional touchpoint to their telemarketing campaign. Each email send helped to support the telemarketing campaign that was being ran by the team at Air as any ‘hot leads’ that were identified from engagement in the emails were fast tracked into the Air calling to capture them whilst they were hot to talk.

Across both email campaigns, 251 potential clients engaged with the content. Thanks to the assistance of Roots and Air, Niche Jobs now have 50 open opportunities in their sales pipeline which are now being nurtured in-house.

“Really easy to work with from day one. Roots are professional and good humoured which helped make it not just a successful partnership but an enjoyable campaign to work on. Thanks guys!”

Matt Farrah, Co-Founder, Niche Jobs