WestCountry Personnel


WestCountry Personnel was given life by Sophie Howe, who has worked in Recruitment for 10 years and saw what an amazing opportunity there was in taking on a well-established business in Devon and turning it into something unique in recruitment.

With Specialist Divisions in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial and Commercial sectors, they work with the South West business community to meticulously match the right people to organisations to enable them to drive success.

WestCountry Personnel wanted to spread the word to businesses and individuals of what makes WestCountry Personnel more than your average recruitment company. WestCountry Personnel sought guidance from Roots to Market to help fulfill this project in a swift and competent manner.


Roots to Market guided on the design of their new business digital brochure and refined the content to ensure the brochure presented a brand message which was strong, informative and highlighted the benefits of WestCountry Personnel’s exceptional services.


Roots to Market produced a high-quality brochure containing clear and concise content and professional artwork which showcases WestCountry Personnel.

WestCountry Personnel were happy with the outcome and are looking forward to welcoming new clients and helping businesses grow across the local region.