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Content seems like one of the easiest activities of marketing to execute. Write a little around a subject, broadcast it and wait for the enquiries to come in. But we all know it just doesn’t work like this. We have less and less time to capture the attention of our audience. People are more busy and less patient than ever so if its not relevant, interesting or doesn’t capture their attention – it’s lost.

That said, an effective content strategy that considers your brand, your audience, their pain points and their interests (alongside many other things) does prove to increase lead generation and engagement.

The best forms of content are changing all the time as new trends develop. Blogs, articles, infographics, photos, videos, vlogs – the list is ever growing.

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It would be impossible to cover all the bases at all times. However, it comes back to understanding your target market, their preferences, testing and analysing.

And of course, it’s not just about content creation but also where it is broadcasted and how it is used.

Our team have been writing, designing and filming content for many different companies for many years. Our golden rule is test, analyse and evolve. The trends are changing, and visual is starting to outgrow the written word. However, blogs really do make a difference to your SEO results and can benefit your wider marketing, which is why we believe in a good mixture of touchpoints and information.

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