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Demand Generation

61% of Marketers told HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report that their top marketing challenges are generating traffic and leads.

But can you achieve that by doing what you’ve always done? Or is it time to find out more about demand generation?

Find out more about demand generation and our packages in our guide Demand Generation: Revolutionising the way Marketing and Sales work together and begin your demand generation journey today.

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Marketing that delivers qualified leads

Demand generation aims to build and nurture key prospects and customer relationships for the long term. This encompasses all marketing activity that reaches out to prospects, moves them through the sales funnel to finally convert them into an engaged customer.

Our comprehensive service focuses on using a mixture of proven marketing tactics to reach your target audience and produce marketing qualified leads for your sales team. We’ve crafted packages to offer a mixture of inbound and direct marketing, automation and complete tactical campaigns. Or if you’ve got plenty of ideas on how you’d like to run your own demand generation campaign but need outsourced resource to execute, please get in touch for a bespoke package.

Roots Nurture Funnel

Why Roots?

Roots builds intelligent marketing capabilities to deliver marketing qualified leads to sales teams within ambitious sales led organisations.

We are a driven start-up, born out of a sales environment and focused on how sales and marketing can work together to deliver qualified leads into the sales pipeline.

We’re hungry to prove the difference that great marketing can make on revenue and our diverse and talented team thrive on delivering high quality results.

Who is demand generation for?

Sales Professionals:

Sales teams find themselves constantly under pressure to seek out new opportunities, develop their pipeline and convert sales qualified leads into new customers. But what do you prioritise in your workload?

Demand generation delivers warm, marketing qualified leads (MQLs) directly to the sales team, allowing the team to spend more time working on converting warm leads, rather than just prospecting cold leads.

Marketing Professionals:

There is so much to be done by a marketing team and with restricted budgets and resources it’s hard to be everything to everyone.

Demand generation bridges the gap between sales and marketing, delivering leads that your sales team crave whilst also building your brand within the market. A demand generation strategy focuses on drawing in MQLs to your business who are already engaged with your brand.

Business Owners:

Business Owners ultimately want to increase revenue and profitability in the most efficient manner but are often time poor and a central resource for many different individuals within the business.

Demand generation is a measurable strategy to invest in which will have an impact on both your marketing and sales departments. With the aim being to drive leads into the business to make an impact on your revenue possibilities.

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