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Social Media Management

Where do you begin?

Social media can feel daunting, time consuming or a complete waste of time, if you haven’t yet seen the results that it can bring.

So where do you begin? It really is best to start at the beginning. Where do your audience hang out, what channels do they use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter? Don’t be fooled into setting up every channel out there and don’t just focus on the channels you know how to use. This should all be lead by your audience and the best place to interact with them.

So, you’ve found you’re the sweet spot for your audience. Now, how are you going to engage with them? How can you get them following you and engaging with your posts whilst still making the channels work for you commercially?

These are all valid questions that we are often asked.


Let’s bring it back to the beginning. We love social media (of course) but what we love most, is making it work for you. Essentially social media is just another touch point for your brand and we should be encouraging as much traffic as possible back to the hub, your website.

In our experience, we find the most effective method to manage social media channels is to start with an audit. Understand the why’s, the where’s and the how’s. Using this we put together a strategy that defines what success looks like and how we will make social media a commercial success for your brand. Ongoing management, testing, analysing and reporting is crucial to this strategy and ultimately the success.

Let’s start socialising with your online community and begin to measure the benefits that this can bring.

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